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Ergonomic, elegant, lightweight, ingenious and fun. A talking point wherever it goes. Owning and riding a Gocycle G4 or G4i is your chance to start living a more active, healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Explore the G4

Versatile, Light and Compact


Our portable docking station for G4 and G4i makes stowing the Gocycle G4 and G4i easy. Clean and molded deck design for intuitive stowing. Stable four caster-wheel base for effortless transport. Durable and protective zip fastened cover.

Seriously Lightweight


The Gocycle G4 and G4i are one of the lightest electric bicycles on the planet.

The Gocycle’s Vgonomic frame design gives universal fitting adaptable with superior comfort levels for a wide range of body types.

Easy on the Planet


Gocycle uses an environmentally-friendly process called Thixomolding® to create its high-tech, durable, ultra-lightweight magnesium frame and wheels.

Personalize your ride


The Gocycle G4 and G4i comes with the free GocycleConnect™ App that allows you to personalise your ride, adjust speed and power settings, and provides you with health stats like calories burned, power output, trip data and more.

Connect with the App


Regulate your speed, Fine-tune your motor assistance, Monitor your battery, and more!

Learn More

Karbon Kinetics Limited (KKL) was founded in 2002 with a mission to develop the best electric bikes in the world.

After an extensive and in-depth product development process, KKL’s multi-award winning breakthrough product Gocycle was first made available to the public in April 2009. Inspired by F1 high-performance and automotive design, Gocycle is the first injection-molded magnesium alloy bicycle in history. Lightest in class, environmentally sustainable and stylish with on-demand electric power, Gocycle is an automotive joy to live with.

Gocycle is the brainchild of Richard Thorpe, a former Mclaren Cars design engineer with a 25- year career working in the motorsports and light electric vehicle industry.